Sunday, September 30, 2012

Richard and Judith Lang

For this project I will be pairing up with [drum roll please..] Connor O'Malia!

While searching for contemporary artists I thought of a husband and wife pair I saw in a news story a while back.  The couple works together visiting and revisiting the same 1000 yards of Kehoe Beach in California.  They spend their visits picking up other people's trash, plastic to be specific.  After collecting they take the pieces back to their studio to create works of art.  I would guess that they consider themselves to be more sculptors, however because of the nature of their work, photography is the main way to document it.  I truly love all their work.  Every time I see the beauty that can be created out of 1000 yards of beach trash, I wonder if I could create something wonderful just from walking back and forth to class.  Here's an example of a piece from the series Chromas.

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