Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Just got the invitation!

Hi, guys!

My name is Katie Major, and I'm currently completing my last semester at Ball State.  When I'm finished, I'll have been here for a total of five and a half years.  This is explained by the fact that I changed majors in the spring semester of my sophomore year.  I began my journey here majoring in music education.  Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was about 14.  My work deals a lot with my inner mindscape, and serves as a coping mechanism for depression.

I would eventually like to have a job that sends me traveling to take photographs in places where not many people get to go.  Travel photography is one of my longest-standing goals.  Going to places like this series of North Korea by photographer Charlie Crane.

Welcome to Pyongyang

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

better late than never, HEY!

Hi guys!
I'm Whitney. 23. Originally from Westfield, IN. Small town country girl at heart, but absolutely never going back there again.
Vis Com major, t-com and art history minor.
I changed my major between sophomore and junior year, hence why i'm a super senior. I'm glad I am in a major I love, but I am more than ready to start the next chapter of my life outside of college, even though I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing.  Not even a little bit.  Hakuna Matata.

I have always been interested in photography.  I took a photo class in high school and let's be honest, I didn't appreciate it.  It wasn't until Photo 1 last semester that I realized how much I would learn to love it.  I fell in love with photography almost instantly.  It can be anything you want it to be and that is what is so interesting about it.  It tells stories that are completely up to interpretation by the viewer.  I sometimes get lost in what I am doing when I have a camera in my hand.  There is something therapeutic about it, if that makes sense to anyone else?

In almost every photograph I see I find myself wondering who the photographer was.  Who was there to actually see that, witness that, experience that, capture that?  Below are a few photographs that have always left me wondering who was behind the camera.  (Even though in some cases I know who the photographer was, I still marvel at what it must have been like to be the one making history with a photograph.)  I am also interested in photography that shows how society changes and is changing.  Photography makes the idea of "time" a visible and tangible thing to comprehend.  



I'm Shani Horvath and I'm in my senior (but sadly, not last) year at Ball State.  Creative Writing major, Art History minor.  I'm not much of a photographer myself, but I've always had an appreciation for what others capture with their cameras, whether it's beautiful, confusing, or even disturbing.  The series of pictures below are high-speed photographs of colored ink in water, taken by Alberto Emiliano Seveso, who also deals a lot in Graphic Design. Here's his website, if you're interested in seeing what else he is into:  
After our lectures in class, I find these below photographs even more fascinating then ever.  Our ability to capture images has gone from hours, to minutes, to mere milliseconds.  As everything continues to progress in this field, I'm honestly wondering what other advancements will be made in the years, and even decades to come.


My name is Connor O'Malia and I am senior majoring in Visual Communications. I am from Fishers, IN where I attended Hamilton Southeastern High School. It wasn't until my sophomore year at BSU that I photography caught my eye and interest. From there I began taking other photography classes to help broaden my knowledge. It seemed obvious that I should also take this history class. I have a strong interest in this art form because I can heavily incorporate it with my design work. The thing I love most about photography is the interpretation and meaning behind just one photograph. Interpretations and what it conveys can be endless. In my own work, I try to experiment with different types of subject, along with how I edit the photos. Taking the Digital Imaging class last semester really taught me ways to push images to their max and edit them in ways that I never thought of doing. In my spare time I really like to enjoy the outdoors. I am really into cycling, road and mountain biking are my new obsession. I also like to play basketball and am a HUGE Indiana Pacers fan.


My name is Eric Conrad. I am a visual communications major and this is my fourth year at Ball State. Technically speaking I am a senior but I studied in London during my sophomore year and got off track. It’s all good though… I would choose being in Europe over being in Muncie any day. I currently have the most mundane job in the world. I am the student custodian at Lucina Hall. I push a dust mop back and forth and vacuum a lot of carpet. It gives me a lot of time to think and it sort of pays the bills. I became interested in photography in high school where I took a total of 6 photography classes. My school still had two huge dark rooms at the time. The year after I graduated they stopped using them, so I am happy that I got to have the experience. One of my favorite photographers is Richard Avedon. I am drawn in to his images because of the minimalism and sharp contrast he uses. This was my first Avedon photograph. It just left me with so many questions, but I loved it and sought out his other works. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello People!

The photographer of this photo is unknown, but I really liked the grungy, worn look of it. My name is Kaylie and I am a senior studying Photography. My artistic focus is on deeper, more personal subjects and I do a lot of self portraiture. There's not much for me to say about myself, but for the first time I am living off campus and it's great! I'm planning on graduating this year and from there plan on moving in with my boyfriend. 

     My name's Dean Mosier.  I'm 29 years old.  I started school here at Ball State in the fall of 2002.  I was a visual communications major before I stopped school halfway through my junior year and enlisted in the Navy.  I served in the Navy for 5 years where I served on a RIMPAC deployment, and two deployments to the Middle East.  After the Navy I moved out to Montclair, NJ for my first semester back in school.  I went to Montclair State for the spring semester of 2010 then transferred back to Ball State that summer and switched my major to animation.  After graduation in the Spring I plan on sticking around the area for a year or two saving up some money and then I want to move to Austin, Texas to work at a small to medium animation company doing movies or games. 

Ejoy the link!


My name is Lauren Buroker. I'm also a non-traditional student at 24. In 2006, I graduated from Wes-Del, a small town country school about ten or fifteen minutes from campus.  After a confusing semester at IU as a Nuclear Medicine Technologies major, I took some time off and went to massage school for a year. Attending classes on the weekends, I worked full time collecting urine samples from narcotic users at the local pain clinic. (It paid really well and I was desperate to get out from under my parents roof.)

I practiced successfully for a year, but started to develop carpal tunnel. I broke my contract and searched for anything outside of retail and piss-testing. Landing back in Muncie, I picked up bar-tending at Mugly's (now Cleo's). With a lot of prayer, I started back in school completely unsure of what degree I wanted. I found VisComm. After a semester of core classes, I signed up for the Leap-Program the following summer and shot for the portfolio review for both the art department and Visual Communication. 7 of us made it in out of over 100 qualified and worthy competitors- I'm told it was the most challenging review the university has seen. Seeing the work from my classmates, I understand.

Our first week in Photo History we dove right into some impressive and informative readings. It is always encouraging to me when I see current events surround pieces and topics discussed in my classes. I discovered this brief article on the View From The Window At Le Gras. Surprisingly, the article was not as informative or resourceful as it could/should have been.

I'm a big fan of the process of anything artist. Photography has been used as to catalog artist processes. Craig Tracy's Painted Alive has been an inspiration to me for a couple years. Though I have never seen the studio myself, my cousin down in New Orleans who passes it daily, keeps me posted. The website has an amazing archive of works.  Though best known for breathing paintings, Craig has many prints of the masterpieces as well.


Hi, I'm Emily Hvidston.  Most of my friends call me Hivvy.. you can call me either. Anyway I am a 6th year senior and should be graduating this spring with a photography degree.  Outside of school I work at both Lucas Oil Stadium [as security sort of] and the Indianapolis Zoo [as a face painter].  Becoming a face painter has really opened my eyes to some more possibilities in the art world that I probably never would have seen otherwise.
That brings me to a photographer I discovered last spring, Andy Alcala.  He has an ongoing body of work called FaceArtists where he takes self portraits with famous artworks painted onto himself.  Above is his version of Son of Man by Rene Magritte.  You can view his other work at

Hello Classmates!

Hello All,

My name is Tyler Przybysz (pronounced Shee-bish) and I am a currently a sixth year senior majoring in Visual Communications and minoring in Marketing and Graphic Arts Technology. I am from Richmond, Indiana and am planning on moving up to Chicago in December! In my spare time I get engulfed in TV series. I follow almost every show on tv, but my favorite right now is Game of Thrones.

I'm not sure the photographer of this photo (above) but it is just plain awesome!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chuck Close and the daguerreotype

What do you think of the images in this blog?

They are the work of Chuck Close, the artist that made me want to be an art historian...
Hi all,
Our blog is really starting to take shape and I'm loving the photographs and links that you are all posting. Your task for the next week (due by 5pm next Sunday, 9/2) is to read through everyone's posts and comment on at least two of them. So follow the links and look at the images that people are posting and suggesting and get in there and talk to each other about them.

If you haven't yet posted your introductory post, you have some catching up to do. So please follow the lead of your classmates who have really done a great job getting our semester going.

See you Tuesday!


Hello lovely people, I'm Megan Gross! I'm technically a junior visual communications major with minors in art history and marketing, but I'm really a 5th year senior. Yay me. 

I love designing and art in general (obviously). I'm not super well versed in photography, but hopefully that will all change this semester taking this class. Another thing I'm insanely passionate about is Ball State University Dance Marathon, we raise money for Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. If I'm not working on school work, I'm more than likely doing something for DM. 

Lastly, one of my favorite photographers is David Hilliard
 I love that he uses multiple photographs for each work. The way he photographs his subjects tells a story in a way that one photograph just wouldn't do them justice. If you want to check out more here's a link!  David Hilliard


Hi everyone! I'm Shelby Logan, a junior visual communications major from Muncie. When I'm not at school or working you'll probably find me watching some of my favorite TV shows, as I am a bit of a comedy TV junkie. 

I don't have much experience with photography besides taking digital point-and-shoot images; however, I wanted to take History of Photography along with Photo I this semester to get a better overall understanding of the subject of photography. I think it can be a valuable tool to use in my design work, as well as great way to for anyone to capture moments and express themselves. 

While browsing a photo blog I found this series by Rebecca Foley called Food Phobias. For this series she used a daguerreotype to take images of various food phobias. She uses this method to "make connections between historical and contemporary hysterias." Foley also stated, "the size of the cased image, as well as its mirror surface, creates an intimate viewing experience, reflecting the way that fear can manifest itself in ways both very public and very private." I thought it was interesting to see that there are artists today using the earliest photographic technologies in their work to add to the content of a piece. 


            Hey everyone.  My name is Daniel Eggert. I am Senior here at Ball State although I am technically a Junior in the Visual Communications major.  I am also a marketing minor.  I love to play all kinds of sports and I am a member of the Ball State Equestrian Team.  I also have a passion for singing and performing as well.  I love photography and I think getting to learn more about photography could really help me out in the future.

          This is an example of one of Stefan Sagmeister's work.  It is a piece that he made out of coffee cups and filling them with different shades of coffee.  I really love the innovative work that he does.



My name is David Deng.

I am a senior Photography major, also working at the Photo crypt, so if you are taking photo classes, you will see me a lot. I love photography, or art in general because it makes me see the world differently, it opens up my mind that there are a lot of possibilities of what I am seeing in front of me.

If there is one thing I love photography the most, it is the ability of capturing everything moments including the past, the present, and the future.

I recently have been working on projects that deals with the distance between me and my family across the world, and I came across an Asian artist name John Clang who reunites family through Skype and photography them as if they were in the same room by using a projector.

Click the links below for more images and details.

An Introduction


My name is Ryan Thomas Noll.

I am a Visual Communications Major, hoping to one day use my skill set and my creativity to one day change the world somehow. It is my thinking that if I can change one person, then I can change the world.

As of now, I am the oldest of 6 children, the youngest being the only girl. I have a new puppy named Brooklyn. She is the most beautiful, all-white Siberian Husky that I have ever seen, and her blue eyes just captivate me.

I found this really awesome Gallery Exhibition in London. Photographers were commissioned to take pictures of Londoners that are from all walks of life. The 204 subjects of these photos both come from, and represent the 204 nations that participated in the 2012 London Olympics. I am love travelling, so I thought this exhibition was interesting.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hello :)

I am Ashley Wehmiller, an Art History major and really enjoy it! I do not know a lot about photography, but am excited to learn over the semester. I am a docent at the David Owsley Museum of Art so everyone should go take a tour! I also am really excited to be working at the museum helping to write new labels for the new galleries.

I am in Alpha Chi Omega so that has been taking a lot if time (recrutiment), but in my free time I enjoy cooking, hanging out with my adorable niece, reading, and shopping. My passion is really for travel. I have been to France and that is the only thing a can think about since! I love Europe for its rich history you can feel everywhere you go. I hope to study abroad, possibly London, this spring.

Hey all! :)

I'm Sarah Reynolds. I'm a senior photography major. I work in the Photo Crypt, so if you've taken a photo class I probably look familiar.  I went on the Art in Italy trip last summer.  It was a wonderful experience and I hope to make it back to Italy someday.  I also hope to travel other parts of Europe.  

The photo I posted is one of Nan Goldin's. She has always inspired me to take photos of things unexpected.  She was one to push the camera and her subject matter.  
I couldn't find Nan Goldin's website (not sure she has one) but this website is a good one to read more about her and see more photos of hers:

Hi Ya!

My name is Marlee Runyon and I'm a senior Art major from Cicero, IN.  I'm 21 and I graduated from Hamilton Heights High School in 2009.  My favorite class I have taken at Ball State so far has been Glass 1.  My favorite food is watermelon and I have an extreme passion for horses.  I have two dogs, a cat, and, of course, a horse.  My little red car (Aveo) is one of my most prized possessions.  Fall is my favorite season because I love the way vibrant color change in the trees.  I'm an easy going person who loves having fun.  :)  I'm excited to get to know all of you! :)


Hey guys! I'm Amanda Knigga, a junior photography major and art history minor. Photography is one aspect of my life I feel very passionate about. As mentioned in class, I am interested in film photography, and the reminiscent, sentimental qualities that come attached to each photo. The idea of traveling with the camera as a means of capturing new places, and new and interesting people met along the way. The work of Alec Soth has influenced this approach with my photos. Here is a link to his website, The photo I have shared above is from one of his bodies of work, Broken Manual. 

Friday, August 24, 2012


I'm Lacey Back, senior visual communication major who can not wait to graduate. I love typography and I am very excited to be a co-president this year for AIGA, and hopefully we will be able to raise enough money this year to go to Chicago for the design conference. Some personal things about me is that I am 21 years old, from a small town outside of Cincinnati. I have four sisters and three dogs back home. I am moving to North Carolina once I graduate; having a design job next to the beach sounds like the life for me. Here's some amazing photos from the Nation Geographic Travelers Photo contest this year.

Hey guys! I'm Bri, a senior vis comm major with a fashion minor. I love mexican food, the color teal, ikea, and blasting music in my car. I'm also a resident assistant, which creates a very interesting lifestyle for me. Being a future designer, I tend to favor the digital world because it is what I work with on a daily basis. That is not to say that I don't love black and white film. I'm fascinated with the process and I am still in awe every time a photo comes to life in the dark room. I love playing with alternative processes such as using developer as a medium to paint with. I look forward to seeing how processes were discovered and how photographers have challenged the way we see and interpret the "truth."I'm posting a picture of Stefan Sagmeister's installation. I love that he, as a graphic designer, uses photographs as his final product. The photo is just as important as the installation for him because it documents it forever. This is a great way to show how photography and design go hand in hand.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This is a post title

Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm a senior creative writing major/art history minor. I like movies and vidya games and books and such, and I'm pretty terrible at introduction posts. I basically don't know anything about photography, but hopefully I'll get to learn a thing or two in this class, eh?


I'm Aubry Daman.  I'm a junior and a second-year art education major.  As many of you may recall from our first class, I'm the victim of the Aaron Carter concert.  However, like many of you, photography is something that I really enjoy.  I will be taking Photo 1 this semester alongside this History of Photography course which should be extremely helpful in both areas.  When I have time, I like to quilt, craft, and bake.


Hello Laura, my fellow Super Seniors, and others.  I am Tyler Gater.

I am a photographer / cyclist / redditor, and will be until my final day.  I find much of my inspiration comes from riding my bike, surfing the webz, and  musical artists such as Beach House, Dr. Dog, La Dispute, Local Natives, Margot&NSS, Modest Mouse, Tigers Jaw, The Mars Volta, and Wax. But the one thing that drives me most and influences my work is how Man interacts with Nature.

Therefore I present to you all, Joey L. I am sure you have heard of the young photographer who gets to travel to the most remote places, but if you have not, then check out the photo I posted from his site:
Here you will find the rest of the album titled: The Cradle of Mankind, Ill let you do the research from there. Have a good day!


Hi AHS 275!

My name is Claire Bolatto. I am a senior Visual Communications major. I don't have a lot of experience with photography, but I really enjoyed Photo 1. I have also begun to play around with my digital camera much more. Outside of design and art in general, I love to read, cook, and do anything outside. One of my new favorite artists is Ann Weber. I went to her exhibit in Evansville and loved her. She makes these huge sculptures out of strips of cardboard and they are so awesome to see in person! Her website is so you should look at it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HELLO Art History of Photography and classmates! My name is Alyssa Banas, and I want to start  things off with a link to a very unique photographer  The photo above is from his collection.

Now, on to less amusing things, a little about myself. Im a super senior who WILL(fingers crossed) be graduating at the end of this year.  At that point, I will leave Muncie and get lost in everything the world has to offer.  I enjoy traveling, cooking, and simple acts of kindness.

Hello AHS 275!

My name is Morgan. I'm a senior with a major in visual communication and a minor in Spanish. I am hoping to get some inspiration from this course for my own work. Photography is a big hobby of mine. I have 12 cameras which include film and digital. My Canon 50D and my Holga are probably my two favorites. It is hard for me to decide which medium I enjoy best, film or digital, but I think if I had to I would pick film because it has such a unique grainy quality that gives the image a lot of character. It's also way more fun to process and develop films and prints instead of downloading images.

Other than photography, design, reading, and music are some of my other biggest interests. One artist I'm really intrigued by lately is Yulia Brodskaya who is a paper artist. You should check out her work! Some of my favorite books currently are The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Help, and The Glass Castle. Some of my favorite artists are Coldplay, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Two Door Cinema Club, and The Black Keys.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm Marissa Steward.
I'm a sophomore.
My favorite movies include: (500) Days of Summer, Anchorman, The Producers, and Singin' in the Rain.
My favorite musical artists include: The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, Florence + the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Fossil Collective, and Imagine Dragons.
I like to garden, watch movies, listen to music, doodle, and take photographs.
I make a pretty mean quesadilla.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to AHS 275 History of Photography!

One of the components of this course will be reading and contributing to a blog as we plow through the last two hundred years of photo history. This is a place to start and continue conversations about readings, images, and related topics that you come across. I will participate and at times prompt you to respond to questions and ideas, but I also encourage you to ask questions and share your interest in photography with one another. We'll experiment in this together.

Your first task is to create a profile for this blog, including a photograph that will help us identify you. Choose a photo you like, from the history of photography or from your own body of work. Once you've created your profile, please write your own post and introduce yourself.

Here's to a great semester!

Lara Kuykendall