Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kirk Crippens

Morgan and I chose Kirk Crippens as our photographer.  He has done a variety of series, including depictions of the recession, of pixels, and of the "hidden population" located in prisons.  he writes this about his body of work titled "Judgment Day":

Family Radio owner Harold Camping purchased over 5,500 billboards around the world proclaiming May 21st, 2011 as judgment day. In the days leading up to May 21st national media in the United States aired interviews with Camping and his followers. Some of Camping's followers stated that they had spent every last penny traveling around the country proclaiming May 21st as Judgment Day. They didn't think it mattered because the world was going to end.

I wondered why Camping would endanger his followers and provide such fodder for ridicule by claiming to know the day and hour of judgment day. The bible clearly states, "of that day and hour no one knows."

I photographed from midnight to midnight on May 21st, envisioning a world where the rapture had taken place and society was about to tip toward an apocalyptic end. I set out with no destination in mind except one, I visited Family Radio headquarters along the way.

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