Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pairs and projects

We'll finalize project pairs on Tuesday in class this week and will make sure everyone has a partner then. I'm seeing some great ideas for research topics on the blog. One thing to keep in mind is that you will need to find scholarly sources to use to develop your projects. For a formal research paper of this scope, you will need to be able to find at least five to ten scholarly (and not web-based) sources. This will be something that you learn more about on Thursday during our library research visit. Keep an open mind about your photographer until you have a chance to do some research and evaluate those sources. I'd like to add some ideas of my own, as well. Here's a list of photographers whose careers have been well documented and might make good candidates for research papers: 

Sandy Skoglund
Nan Goldin
Robert Mapplethorpe
Andres Serrano
Tina Barney
Sally Mann
Thomas Struth
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Joan Fontcuberta
Gabriel Orozco
Uta Barth
Rineke Dijkstra
Thomas Demand
Alfredo Jaar
Wolfgang Tillmans
Corinne Day
Catherine Opie
Pierre et Gilles
Sunil Gupta
Richard Misrach
Edward Burtynsky
Joel Sternfeld
Vik Muniz
Larry Sultan
Bernard Faucon
Philip-Lorca di Corcia
Wang Jinsong
Joel-Peter Witkin
Gregory Crewdson
James Casebere
Zwelethu Mthethwa
Christian Boltanski
Thomas Ruff
Sebastiao Salgado
Toshihiro Yashiro
Martin Parr
Jeff Wall
Chen Chieh-Jen
Andreas Gursky

This week on the blog, I'd like each of you to choose one of these photographers to write about. Find one whose work appeals to you and whom you would consider working on for this project. As always, include links and images along with your own thoughts and comments. 

Let the research begin!

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