Sunday, September 30, 2012

David Maisel

For the final project, Aubry and I have paired up. One photographer I came across in my search for contemporary photographers was David Maisel. From his website: "Daivd Maisel's large-scaled, otherworldy photographs chronicle the complex relationships between natural systems and human intervention, piecing together the fractured logic that informs them both." His photos are abstract and give the viewer a new perspective on things they may see everyday.

What really caught my eye was his "Terminal Mirage" series. He took aerial photographs of various landscapes that are so abstract that it's often hard to see that they're landscapes. Many of them look like paintings. Maisel wanted to capture the way mankind has intervened with natural landscapes, and the result is beautiful, captivating photographs presented as large-scale (30"-30" or 48"x48") prints that swallow you up and are a bit sublime.

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