Friday, November 30, 2012

Mischa Keijser

I recently found a great photographer named Mischa Keijser. He's a Dutch photographer whose photographs take a look at the Dutch people and the nature that surrounds them. From his website: "His work offers us an insight into the way in which modern-day Dutch deal with issues such as spatial planning, food and animals. He looks at this process critically, but at the same time demonstrates a love of this same cultural landscape, which he translates into images in lyrical and often unexpected ways." He photographs a variety of subjects, but I was most intrigued by his landscapes.

He captures the light so beautifully making each image is dramatic in its own way, and I love the natural geometric shapes you see in the photographs.

Peter Lippmann

This series "Abandoned cars," was such a gem to stumble upon.  In my own work, I have always enjoyed photographing old abandoned cars.  I feel each one has such a story to tell, and you can't help but ask questions like, how did it get there, why would you leave it in such an odd spot, and how long will it take for the earth the re-consume it. In addition to these questions, the aesthetic qualities and beautiful combination between man-made and natural turn these photographs in a true treasure.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tom Hussey

Tom Hussey's did a project called "Reflections," this reminded me of one of my favorite memories. It was when I was young and in church, for Veteran's day they projected photographs of the older men when they were in the war. I loved seeing how the older men looked when they were young. I think this project by Tom Hussey is really interesting because of the interest in knowing what someone once looked like.

Amanda Jasnowski

I stumbled upon this great series of Instragram photos by Amanda Jasnowski. She is a young photographer who lives in Brooklyn, NY and is an avid user of Instagram. I know some people love Instragram, while others don't care for it, but these photos really stood out to me. It's a series of different images of hands in various situations. She takes most images with the native camera ap on the iPhone and does slight editing in Instagram. I think the composition of these photos is great, and they have inspired me to take my phone out of my pocket more and use it to see the possibilities in the world around.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I was stumbling around on the world wide web tonight and I came across this photograph. Normally the first thing I would think is, "Wow! How'd he get up there? That's so dangerous!" However, that was my second thought. My first thought was, "Whoa, I bet Stieglitz would love this." I then proceeded to find all of the lines, boxes, shapes, etc throughout the photograph.

Unfortunately I have no idea who took this or where it was taken.

Just thought I'd share!