Sunday, August 26, 2012



My name is David Deng.

I am a senior Photography major, also working at the Photo crypt, so if you are taking photo classes, you will see me a lot. I love photography, or art in general because it makes me see the world differently, it opens up my mind that there are a lot of possibilities of what I am seeing in front of me.

If there is one thing I love photography the most, it is the ability of capturing everything moments including the past, the present, and the future.

I recently have been working on projects that deals with the distance between me and my family across the world, and I came across an Asian artist name John Clang who reunites family through Skype and photography them as if they were in the same room by using a projector.

Click the links below for more images and details.


  1. David, your artist seems really interesting! I like the idea of photographing the projected image in order to make families appear as if they are in the same room. It's a different take on a subject that is brought up by many different artists. It will be nice to see how he inspires your work this next semester.

    Yes! you will hear me talk about him today during our proposal. :)