Sunday, August 26, 2012


            Hey everyone.  My name is Daniel Eggert. I am Senior here at Ball State although I am technically a Junior in the Visual Communications major.  I am also a marketing minor.  I love to play all kinds of sports and I am a member of the Ball State Equestrian Team.  I also have a passion for singing and performing as well.  I love photography and I think getting to learn more about photography could really help me out in the future.

          This is an example of one of Stefan Sagmeister's work.  It is a piece that he made out of coffee cups and filling them with different shades of coffee.  I really love the innovative work that he does.


  1. That is too cool, I love stuff like this that is so out of the box. It reminds me of this artist I saw named Hong Yi. She paints portraits with coffee cup stains and they look really nice.

    Her website is if you want to see it!

  2. I agree with Claire! It's very cool. Who would have thought that coffee could be turned into a work of art?