Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hi everyone! I'm Shelby Logan, a junior visual communications major from Muncie. When I'm not at school or working you'll probably find me watching some of my favorite TV shows, as I am a bit of a comedy TV junkie. 

I don't have much experience with photography besides taking digital point-and-shoot images; however, I wanted to take History of Photography along with Photo I this semester to get a better overall understanding of the subject of photography. I think it can be a valuable tool to use in my design work, as well as great way to for anyone to capture moments and express themselves. 

While browsing a photo blog I found this series by Rebecca Foley called Food Phobias. For this series she used a daguerreotype to take images of various food phobias. She uses this method to "make connections between historical and contemporary hysterias." Foley also stated, "the size of the cased image, as well as its mirror surface, creates an intimate viewing experience, reflecting the way that fear can manifest itself in ways both very public and very private." I thought it was interesting to see that there are artists today using the earliest photographic technologies in their work to add to the content of a piece. 

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  1. That's very interesting to see how she uses daguerreotypes in her current work and in this series. It's neat to see her using the roots of photography in her work while many other known photographers are moving forward in digital photography.