Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My name is Connor O'Malia and I am senior majoring in Visual Communications. I am from Fishers, IN where I attended Hamilton Southeastern High School. It wasn't until my sophomore year at BSU that I photography caught my eye and interest. From there I began taking other photography classes to help broaden my knowledge. It seemed obvious that I should also take this history class. I have a strong interest in this art form because I can heavily incorporate it with my design work. The thing I love most about photography is the interpretation and meaning behind just one photograph. Interpretations and what it conveys can be endless. In my own work, I try to experiment with different types of subject, along with how I edit the photos. Taking the Digital Imaging class last semester really taught me ways to push images to their max and edit them in ways that I never thought of doing. In my spare time I really like to enjoy the outdoors. I am really into cycling, road and mountain biking are my new obsession. I also like to play basketball and am a HUGE Indiana Pacers fan.

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  1. This photo is great! I love the limited contrast that the photographer utilizes and the experimentation of texture is also very fascinating. Thanks for sharing!