Monday, August 27, 2012


Hi, I'm Emily Hvidston.  Most of my friends call me Hivvy.. you can call me either. Anyway I am a 6th year senior and should be graduating this spring with a photography degree.  Outside of school I work at both Lucas Oil Stadium [as security sort of] and the Indianapolis Zoo [as a face painter].  Becoming a face painter has really opened my eyes to some more possibilities in the art world that I probably never would have seen otherwise.
That brings me to a photographer I discovered last spring, Andy Alcala.  He has an ongoing body of work called FaceArtists where he takes self portraits with famous artworks painted onto himself.  Above is his version of Son of Man by Rene Magritte.  You can view his other work at


  1. Really cool idea with the paints going on here. I enjoy how creative he is in disguising the face so much. Very vivid and enriching colors too.

  2. I really enjoy the personal connection you have to Andy Alcala with you experiences in painting faces. Also looking through Andy Alcala's works from the FaceArtists series it is interesting seeing the wide variety of art movements represented throughout his pieces and how the style of the period plays out in his works

  3. Luckily for me I got to enjoy some of your photos from last spring in the digital imaging class. You definitely have a great talent that is similar to the works you posted. Just as the artist did, some of your best photos have amazing color that adds to the narrative. I think it just adds another dimension to the story of the photo or what it is trying to convey. Very interesting art form to say the least!