Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chuck Close and the daguerreotype

What do you think of the images in this blog?

They are the work of Chuck Close, the artist that made me want to be an art historian...


  1. I love how much detail you can see in the faces. I have actually seen these before, but I had no idea they were done using the daguerreotype! It's nice to know the background on them now!

  2. Chuck Close had an exhibit at Ball State a while back. If I remember correctly, these images were created as tapestries. I sat lost in time observing these pieces. The detail in focus is pretty amazing, especially at the scale these were produced!

    1. Wow, that was just before my time. Thanks for the link!

  3. I'm a big fan of Chuck Close. He has a great way of capturing portraiture. The use of the narrow focus and the blurred edges seem to be a trademark of his. It really tends to draw you in.

  4. I really enjoy his work. It is a very personal type of portraiture that includes the kind of detail we wouldn't normally notice. The blurred background really keeps you focused on the face and the person you're being presented with.

  5. Like Claire, I have seen these images before but was unaware they were daguerreotypes! The detail in these compared to those of Daguerre's early works is a testament to the advancements of photography. The pieces themselves have a simplistic quality that draws the viewer in that I really enjoy. The fact that the people shown are mostly the artist's friends, lends to the personal and friendly feel most of the photographs evoke.