Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Uta Barth

Bri, Lacey, and I are excited about variety of resources we have found. Beyond the three books at Bracken, we have been able to find several articles online. One of which I plan to add to my bookmarks, XTRA: Contemporary Art Quarterly.

Audrey Mandelbaum, "Uta Barth: . . . to walk without destination and see only to see," X-tra: Contemporary Art Quarterly Winter 2010, Vol. 13 Issue 2: 46-52.



  1. Your citation is close, but there are still some mistakes here, Lauren. For a bibliography you need to write the author's last name first, then a comma, then first name, then a period. A period goes at the end of the article title within the quote marks. And see my earlier post with a template for how to write a journal citation...the month/year and volume/issue section of yours has some mistakes. Please fix that here and repost as a comment, ok?

  2. Mandelbaum, Audrey. "Uta Barth: . . . to walk without destination and see only to see." X-tra: Contemporary Art Quarterly, Vol. 13 Issue 2 (Winter 2010) 46-52.

    *X-tra: Contemporary Art Quarterly should be italic, but the comment feature doesn't allow it.

    Lara- I still haven't found an explanation for how to handle the volume and issue numbers. I don't believe the "less is more" theory applies here, so I gave it another shot anyway. All the examples I have seen just have a number after the magazine title. Is my correction right?

  3. This latest version is very close and the explanation is in my post (This week...making choices and doing research). Generally if you have a volume and issue title it goes like this:
    Mandelbaum, Audrey. "Uta Barth: . . . to walk without destination and see only to see." X-tra: Contemporary Art Quarterly 13, no. 2 (Winter 2010): 46-52.

    Notice that I omitted a comma, the vol. and changed issue to no. You also needed a : before the page numbers. (And don't worry about the italics here...I know the blog won't allow it in a comment, but do remember that for the bibliography of your paper.)

  4. phew. That was kind of ridiculous. I'm such a rookie at Chicago style. Thanks for the help!

  5. I know. I feel ridiculous typing these responses. It's like I'm a caricature of a really super picky art history teacher. But in this case, pickiness is actually warranted. ;)