Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lee Jeffries: Homeless Portraits

Homeless Black and White Portraits Lee Jeffries

Thinking back to the slavery daguerreotypes, a majority of our class agreed that the images were still found of portrait characteristics. After discovering Lee Jeffries' Homeless images, I couldn't help but feel an attachment between the controversial daguerreotypes we discussed and these portraits. I found it interesting that Lee Jeffries took the time to actually get to know these individuals before requesting them a subject matter of this series of photos.

Overall the contrast, detail, and lighting drew me into each image. The more time spent in study of the figure, my imagination grew as detailed as the figure's wrinkled and weathered skin. Would Jeffries' photos have been equally successful if the figures represented various class systems compared to the homeless series seen here? How does the use of black and white change the image rather than the use of full color?


  1. The sharp lines remind me of Steiglitz's work.
    ((Daniel Na))

  2. This is great, Lauren! Expand on what you've written here and put it in your scrapbook!