Sunday, October 28, 2012

This blog...until the end of time/semester.

Hi everyone!
Let's go back to blogging whatever you come across that interests you and think might interest the rest of us re: photography and its history. From now until the end of the semester you should check in and read the blog regularly, as always. Write posts and show us photos and cameras and links and so forth that relate to the topics of the course and to your research on contemporary photography. You can post updates about your research project and you can even post about something you've done for your "scrapbook" that you think is creative or successful. (I'd particularly like to see some "scrapbook" sharing here--show everyone what you are doing to creatively engage with the material in your scrapbooks...) Really, anything goes.

I'll check in at 5pm every Sunday, as always, and record a point to those who have posted within the last week. As stated in the syllabus your goal is to post once per week during each of the 16 weeks of the semester. If you are curious about your progress in this vein just make an appointment with me and we can discuss your blogging grade. There's still much time to accrue points so keep up the good work. And remember, you can use the blog as a starting point for a more thorough discussion of a topic, which can then find its way into your scrapbook. So let these various aspects of our course work together to help you learn and document your learning.

See you soon!

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