Monday, October 22, 2012

This week on the blog...

Hi all,
I'm seeing some great choices for your research projects on the blog this week. You should continue to build a bibliography for your paper and presentation. Unfortunately, few of you managed to write a correct Chicago Style citation. Thus, I spent time going in and commenting on all of your posts from last week and will give you the opportunity to revise those posts and citations this week on the blog in order to earn some credit and better understand the formatting requirements.

If you wrote a complete post, including the name of your partner, the name of your chosen photographer, a correct Chicago-style citation, and a few sentences about this first source that you have found, then congratulations! You've earned full credit for your blog post last week. You can feel free to take a week off on the blog, or you can post about anything you like in order to earn a bit of extra credit or to replace a week when you might not have posted on time.

If you did not complete all of those components of last week's blog assignment, you have a second chance. Go back and reread your post, and my comments, and edit accordingly. You can post a comment on your original post in order to revise or complete your original entry.

If you did not post anything last week, or if you did not include a bibliographic citation in your post last week, I did not comment on it, and you have much work to do to complete that assignment. You still have a second chance to earn some credit.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. These new and improved posts will be due as always this coming Sunday by 5pm.


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