Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gregory Crewdson

As Aubry posted earlier, we've chosen to research American photographer Gregory Crewdson for our project.  His grand, cinematic style of photography really caught our attention.

In looking for research materials, I've been focusing on finding books that could be useful.  One book I've come across is called Acting the part: photography as theater by Lori Pauli.  Pauli discusses the style of "staged" photography and the artists that produce these images (including Gregory Crewdson).  She writes about the history of this practice and the inspiration and themes behind these works.  I think this book will be helpful in understanding how Crewdson works and why he creates his photographs in the style that he does.

Pauli, Lori. Acting the part: photography as theatre. London: Merrell Publishers, 2006.

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  1. Shelby, great post. One revision to your citation, though: in the title of a book the first letter of every word should be capitalized, except for words like "the" and "as." This is fine for now, but please revise this for the bibliography of your paper.