Saturday, October 27, 2012

Herman Berry

I have recently "inherited" an old Leica M3 which was my great-grandfather's (I use quotation marks because it was not left to me, but my grandmother let me have it).  His name was Herman Berry.  If anyone is from the Lafayette area, you may be familiar with Berry's Camera Shop.  My great-grandfather opened that business when he was young (I'm not sure about the year) and it is still going strong today.  It isn't in the family anymore, but my grandmother worked there for most of her youth.

Herman was very into photography.  I'm not sure if it was his profession, but I do know that before everyone could eat at a family gathering, he had to take a photo.  He always had a camera around his neck.  I've seen some slides of his photos, and they're not bad.  I have little doubt that my love of photography was passed down from him.

The Leica that is now in my possession has been researched and was probably made in 1957.  My great-grandfather's name is engraved on the back, and his social security number is engraved on the top!  This was common as a form of protection, believe it or not.  If the camera was stolen, the SSN could be used to return it to the owner if found.  It's also on the light meter.

I haven't shot any photos with it yet, as I just got it over fall break, but I plan to do so very soon!  I may post the photos later if they turn out well.


  1. Yes, definitely post photos! This is a great story. So glad you go the camera.

  2. That is very cool, hope to see some photos soon!
    ((Daniel Na))