Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chris Jordan

Alyssa and I have chosen to research Chris Jordan. He is a Seattle based activist photographer  that focuses on American consumerism and natural disasters. On Thursday, we found that he has two published books that we will have for research. Also, after just an hour or two of research, we have found several articles through BSU's research tools and will continue to find more.

Here is a short article we found. APA format
DeVuono, F. (2009, April). Chris jordan at washington state university. Artweek, 40(3), 21-22. Retrieved from


  1. As I've said in my directions, in this class you will be using Chicago Style. Please look at my templates and revise this citation. There are quite a few differences between the styles so look closely. And you do not need to cite ebsco in Chicago Style. You may revise and repost here as a comment to earn some credit for this post.

  2. DeVuono, Frances. "Chris Jordan at Washington State University." Artweek, April 2009, 21-22. Is that correct? I've never had to use Chicago Style. Sorry about that.

  3. This is pretty close, Tyler. Look at my earlier post. I put in examples of Chicago style citations and you just have to follow those guidelines closely. The journal title needs to be in italics, remove the comma after it, put month/year in parentheses, and before the month/year you need at least a volume number. Include the issue number if there is one of those, as well. Go ahead and revise here and repost as another comment.