Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chris Jordan

For our contemporary photographer presentation and paper Tyler P. and I chose to do Chris Jordan.  The above video is a Ted talk that I plan on using as a source.  In this video Jordan talks about his exhibit Intolerable Beauty which features his series "Running The Numbers."
With his exhibit intolerable beauty, large scale portraits of mass consumption, he would cite statistics about how much of certain things like plastic cups, for example, that we throw away every day.
The numbers, though, didn’t really have the impact he wanted. So, Jordan began to figure out how to portray the numbers through his images. His exhibit, Running the Numbers, began to put it all into perspective in a visual way.  The large size scale of his works makes the statistics he emphasizes much more impactful.

Anderson, Chris, comp. "Chris Jordan: Turning powerful stats into art ." Ted Talk. TED, 28 2008. web. 28 Oct 2012. <>. 

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  1. Alyssa, even though I'm generally asking people not to use web-based sources, a TED talk is a great way to access a new kind of "primary document" related to Jordan's work, so go for it. Did you check into how Chicago Style wants you to cite an online video? I found the following template, and we should talk about this so you get it right if you have any questions. I think there's just a bit of tweaking that you'll want to do to make yours match what's below:

    Freeman, Richard B. “Global Capitalism, Labor Markets, and Inequality.” Institute of International Studies, University of California at Berkeley. October 31, 2007.